Examine * Envision * Emerge

The focus of my workshops is on exploring a particular aspect of thought healing and incorporating it into your life.

Each workshop is comprised of fun-filled, interactive exercises; eye-opening feedback, insights, and guidance from fellow students; tangible takeaways; and smart but simple tools and strategies for creating a plan of action and continuing to move forward long after the workshop is over!

Workshops are scheduled on an as-requested basis. Once I receive enough requests for the class (which can vary from as few as 2 people), I reply to all with suggested dates. This allows the maximum flexibility to fit anyone's schedule!

Have a study group, book club, or special circle of friends that you'd like to have a workshop designed just for you? All of my workshops can be customized to fit your needs!

Check out the Workshops page for a description of each class!

Cracks in Consciousness Group Workshops

As your coach and intuitive guide, I will work with you to identify your personal truth and support you in envisioning and achieving the life that you want and love.

Drawing upon my metaphysical abilities and life experiences, I can sense my clients’ subtle spiritual and emotional energies that run deeper than those portrayed on the surface. I can access valuable information in the form of intuitive connections, inklings, visualizations, and thoughts that may seem to “come from left field.” Then, without attachment to outcome, I offer this information as a catalyst to support my clients in shifting consciousness and taking action.Individual sessions can be conducted anywhere you are most comfortable and you feel safe -- your home, my home, outdoors in your favorite park, on Skype, or on the phone. It's your choice!

Cracks in Consciousness Individual Personal Transformation Services

“The awakening of the unbounded one within us will awaken panoramas all around us. The possibilities change as we do.” Tama Kieves

Cracks  in Consciousness